ABOUT cheri Ginsburg

Cheri Ginsburg is an award-winning pastel, oil, and pen & ink artist and sculptor. Ginsburg's extensive travels throughout North America, Europe, Costa Rica and parts of Africa, as well as her fondness for the American Southwest and her home state of Nebraska, influence her work as she experiments with bringing her interpreted landscapes to life with exquisite color and detail. Her work is often recognized by a sense of tranquil serenity regardless of subject matter or medium.

Cheri Ginsburg's work has been shown regionally in the Midwest; in New York City; New Jersey; Pennsylvania, Italy and Costa Rica. She was a featured artist in a fine art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico for two years, where her work was additionally displayed at the exclusive El Dorado Hotel. Cheri Ginsburg has her own working studio/gallery at HotShops in Omaha, Nebraska, where she is also represented by Regency Parkway Fine Art.

Ginsburg's pastel works, "Six Bridges of Florence" and "Tuscan Breeze" were featured in "The Heart of Italy" Exhibition at the Italian-American Museum in New York City-Summer 2017. And "Six Bridges of Florence" was additionally a juried selection to the prestigious 27th International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) Exhibition in 2015. Pastel manufacturer, PanPastel® has also drawn significant attention to Cheri Ginsburg's work by exhibiting her paintings to exemplify what can be accomplished with their product, at both the 2015 and 2017 International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) Biennial Conventions. Her "Women of Zimbawbwe" pastel painting was juried into pastel paper manufacturer, UArt's 2018 show; and she has had a piece juried into the eminent 2018 Pastel Society of America's "Enduring Brilliance" Show in New York City. (Selected piece to be announced with the opening of the show in September 2018.) And in 2018, Ginsburg was approached by House & Garden (International) Magazine to be included in their "Art Edit" section which showcases the works of emerging artists and designers. (Published in the April, May and June 2018 issues).

"Six Bridges Of Florence" by Cheri Ginsburg©

"Six Bridges Of Florence" by Cheri Ginsburg©

"In this age of "Instant everything", I hope that my artwork will invite the viewer to stop and linger... savor and celebrate some of the finer details, quieter moments, beauty, vitality and wonder, this big old beautiful world has to offer." 

I hope you enjoy…

     Cheri Ginsburg